The first time I saw photographies from Manuel Pena, I immediately thought about inspiration from some of my favorites photographers, Harry Gruyaert from Magnum or Saul Leiter. And yet, we can also say that there is something different. This difference, difficult to formulate with words, is what characterizes the sharp photographic look of Manuel Pena. Let’s go to the discovery of some of his photos.





Tell me one thing you would like us to know about you?

Photography has always been a passion of mine. There isn’t a day that goes by that my camera isn’t by my side. My only rule is to shoot anything that is interesting. I don’t put limits on my creativity. Everything is on the table.



What were your initial sources of inspiration in photography?

Initially instagram. Lots of great photographers on that platform, but I find studying the old photographers, like Saul Leiter, Elliot Erwitt, and Ernst Haas to name a few are my cup of tea. I also watch movies and shows to study how light, color and composition are being used.



What is your secret to keep energy and inspiration on a daily/weekly basis?

Well, I honestly just observe the world around me to stay inspired. I’ll just watch people walk by doing the most mundane things. Also studying how light effects objects and people keeps me busy aczfor days haha.





Do you follow technical evolution in photography? In other words, do you consider the technic as a fundamental pillar of photography?

I always keep up with technical evolution in photography. It’s the techie in me. I do feel as cameras become more advanced, they make us worry less about settings and more about making a picture.

Are you interested in formats like Panorama, 360° and VR ? And what do you think about them?

I’m not really interested in these formats, but I do see VR as becoming something big.







Note from Panhobby:

A big thanks to Manuel for his photographic work and for his confidence in the contribution for this article, a great source of inspiration! I would like to encourage you to discover more about Manuel on his website and Instagram account.


Interview done by Panhobby in November 2018
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